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February 10th 2009

Seniors Using Internet More Than Ever


Wow, Internet usage for the 70- to 74-year-old age group is skyrocketing!

I was excited to see the latest Internet usage research, which Pew Internet and American Life Project released on January 28.

It’s amazing to watch how the 70- to 74-year-old Internet usage category soared from 26 percent in 2005 to 45 percent in 2009. And, the 65- to 69-year-old category is well over 50 percent, with 56 percent of that category utilizing the web.  

This study also says that the 65+ age group uses email and search engines, along with researching health topics and booking travel online, at levels comparable to the younger age groups.

Check out the full study at

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Janel Wait

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  1. sean m kelly says:

    Good content on this area of the site, keep it up and thanks.

  2. Vincent says:

    My friend works for a website which relates to the user planning their own funeral and leaving this information behind for others to access when they have passed – – using social networking.

    He said that nearly 3/4 of their American users are over 65 years old, which really surprised me – i didnt think that age group would know how to use a computer. The percentage is lower in Australia and the UK but increasing as more users join this popular site & the site has only just started advertising.

  3. Tim Hoke says:

    Yep, and that’s exactly why I formed I was at a nursing home here in Florida, and saw a computer in the dayroom that wasn’t being used at all. The Director said it was too difficult and too small to be comfortable for the residents. I partnered and have launched WeMailToo to help our Seniors safely and easily communicate with family members. Most importantly, they can only receive emails from people in their address book, which eliminates spam and offensive ads. Please take a look at and tell me what you think.


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