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We’re always finding new insights, and since 2008 we’ve been freely sharing them with our partners and friends through our blog. That means we have literally hundreds of senior living-related entries on a variety of subjects. Take a moment to look around at some of the interesting points we’ve uncovered. Or take all day.

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Get the Latest in Retirement News

The latest issue of GlynnDevins’ News You Can Use was released today. The issue focuses on several items related to …

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Operating Communities Action Plan — Item #4, How to Create a Powerful Web Site

We know that seniors and their adult children are visiting your web site, so I would encourage you to make …

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Operating Communities Action Plan — Item #3, Work Your Lead Base

This week’s message is simple: In all likelihood, your community’s next move-in is someone who is in your lead base …

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Make Sure Search Engines Are Working for You!

Do you know the top two ways seniors use the Internet? Search engines and email. Pew Research (April 2008) confirms …

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Seniors Using Internet More Than Ever

Wow, Internet usage for the 70- to 74-year-old age group is skyrocketing! I was excited to see the latest Internet …

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Operating Communities Action Plan — Item #2, Target Your Efforts, Don’t Shotgun

If you’ve been following this topic, you’ve read about the importance, especially among operating communities, of maintaining consistency with your …

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Operating Communities Action Plan — Item #1, Consistent Marketing Program

Every day we are hearing from senior living communities that gaining new move-ins is getting tougher and occupancy is creeping …

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