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Answering Digital Questions #3 and #4 from AAHSA

It’s Wednesday, which means more answers to the great questions we received following our Building Relationships in a Digital World …

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Being Thankful for Being a Part of Something Special

On Thursday we will gather as a nation to give thanks. Okay, what we really gather to do is eat …

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Answering Digital Questions #1 and #2 from AAHSA

This is the first blog in the 5-week series focusing on the digital questions we received at AAHSA. We will …

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Answering Digital Questions from AAHSA

After attending and presenting at the 2009 AAHSA convention, it’s obvious that senior living communities are serious about figuring out …

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FROM AAHSA: Marketing Relies on Looking at Things in New Ways

So I am sitting with several people in a meeting area here at the conference.  A gentleman approaches the table …

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FROM AAHSA: Putting a Face to a Name

So often when we do business these days, we rely on email and the phone for contact. Distance doesn’t matter …

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FROM AAHSA: What’s the Mood at AAHSA

Whenever a conference like this brings together companies from every facet of an industry, the most often asked question is, …

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FROM AAHSA: Integration. It’s Not Just a Buzzword

Sometimes, words get overused and start to fall on deaf ears. Integration might be in that category these days. It …

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FROM AAHSA: Idea House is a Great Idea

For those at the conference, be sure to find 30 minutes to tour AAHSA’s Idea House. Smart design and technology …

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FROM AAHSA: Convention Opens with Fitting Theme

I am not one for convention themes. They usually don’t do much except provide a very thin thread to connect …

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FROM AAHSA: Good Reminders of Tried and True

At this morning’s session, How Big Is Your Yardstick?, the presenters gave us some good reminders of specific information sales …

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Chicago, Here We Come!

Have you noticed your email inbox has been getting reminders about various organizations or vendors that will be at the …

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How To Connect With Consumers Visually

Where are you, Uncle Miltie? In 1948, the Texaco Star Theater and Milton Berle made the jump from radio to …

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