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How To Connect With Consumers Visually

Where are you, Uncle Miltie? In 1948, the Texaco Star Theater and Milton Berle made the jump from radio to television. For the next several years, he would hold an 80% share of the television viewing public captive for one hour each Tuesday night. Unfortunately, the days of the large captive and engaged audience are long gone.

Today, messages of all kinds bombard consumers in the increasingly fragmented media world. The first challenge of every marketer is simply to get noticed. Nothing connects with us quicker than visual imagery. Even before we read word one of any marketing message, the images have begun to communicate. But imagery does much more than grab our attention. It speaks to us beyond the written word, it connects with us emotionally and it stays with us as vivid memories.

How then, as a senior living marketer, do you approach imagery? Most people see a younger, more active and fit version of themselves when they look in the mirror. Seniors are no exception. And like us, they are most attracted to messaging that reflects their values. Consider what seniors value most and how you can best express this visually in your communication materials.

And there is no more important arena for powerful imagery than your community web site. In many respects, your web site offers the first tour of your community to many prospects. Tours are a visual experience – how are you accomplishing that? What photos, videos and graphics are you using to SHOW your community?

There are lots of senior living communities doing a great job with imagery. What are your ideas and success stories on how best to connect with consumers visually? In an education session at this year’s AAHSA Conference, we’ll be sharing our findings on what types of imagery connect with seniors, as well as discussing how technology is changing the way we can – and should – communicate. Stay connected to our blog during the conference for more updates, and we look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

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