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Use January to Connect with Adult Children Influencers (ACIs)

For most of us, the holidays are a time to gather with family and friends. And oftentimes, holiday gatherings are when concerns with aging parents are first spotted. That makes January a great month to touch base with your ACI leads. When making your phone calls in the New Year, ask ACIs if they spent time with their parents, and see if they have any concerns, new or existing.

This is also a great time for ACIs to talk to their parents and siblings about potential plans in the event of a health crisis in the coming year. If the ACI doesn’t have any new perspectives, this is your chance to provide some tips or advice. Ask them if they have a plan, if they know what their parents prefer, if siblings support these options, etc. You can even invite them in for an informal meeting to discuss concerns or provide information.

Or if you have a good volume of ACI leads, consider offering Saturday open houses in January for those who are interested in coming in. They can tour the community, get one-on-one attention and have questions answered by experts – you. These events will be small-volume, high-quality, and traffic can be driven from your phone calls or through an email blast.

By proactively offering support and resources to ACIs, you will be at the top of the list if they are considering, or are forced to consider, a change in their parents’ living situation in 2010. And there’s no better time than early January to reach them.

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