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We’re always finding new insights, and since 2008 we’ve been freely sharing them with our partners and friends through our blog. That means we have literally hundreds of senior living-related entries on a variety of subjects. Take a moment to look around at some of the interesting points we’ve uncovered. Or take all day.

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Timing is Everything

Have you ever received something at the perfect time? I did, just today. A 50% off coupon to the store …

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Try This Response to the Objection – “I Already Have Long-term Care Insurance.”

Every once in a while, I get completely surprised by something said when speaking with residents at a community. When …

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Is It Time to Call a New Play?

I have never used a sports analogy in one of my posts, so I hope you will indulge me, because …

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The Secrets of Being “Happy”

Happy is actually a 108-year-old woman who resides in New York City. I thought the story of her and her …

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Home Sweet Home

Have you put much thought into where you want to live when you retire? Perhaps it’s the home you’ve lived …

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Notes from a dimly, attractively lit office.

Waiting list. GD: So, tell us how long you’ve known about Wandering Moose Acres. And how long have you lived …

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Social Media Lab Catches the Eye of Reporters

Reporters who cover the field of senior living took note of the Social Media Lab at this year’s annual AAHSA …

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More Choices or Eliminating Restrictions

I attended a session at the AAHSA Conference discussing the external forces affecting senior living. It’s a big topic, and …

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3.5 Hours of Non-stop Action at the AAHSA/GlynnDevins Social Media Lab

Who Decides?

The opening session of the AAHSA Annual Meeting & Exposition always provides an inspirational way to start the week and …

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