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Notes from a dimly, attractively lit office.

Charles-MugWaiting list.
GD: So, tell us how long you’ve known about Wandering Moose Acres. And how long have you lived here?
Al: Well, when the place was being built, I got kind of interested.
GD: You saw it in the planning stages and thought it might be a good idea?
Al: I thought I might be ready for it someday. I happened to be in the office when they opened the list for people to sign up, and I signed up first: number one on the list.
GD: How long did you wait?
Al: 16 years.
GD: You were on the waiting list for 16 years?!?
Al: Yes. Sometimes they called about an available apartment, but I never was ready.
GD: What made you finally decide?
Al: I was ready.

Awaiting the call.
“85% of Americans now own a cell phone.” That means 15% don’t. So when you call your leads, some of them are coolly reaching into purse or pocket for a cell. Others are dashing across the room for that phone with the … uhhh, what’s that thing? — cord! They’re going for the phone with the cord.

Why wait? Retire sooner.
Reduce unemployment by lowering the age for full Social Security benefits? Some say if we give older Americans the ability to retire at 62, many will, and that should result in more job opportunities for younger folks. Plus, then maybe all those new retirees will come looking for your community, ready.

Wait. What? Bankruptcy?
Some of the blame’s on credit cards, as growing numbers of older adults go bankrupt. A University of Michigan Law School study sounds the alarm.

Just wait’ll 2011 gets here.
Scanning the list of anticipated restaurant trends for next year, it’s pie on top. Goodbye, cupcakes: You’re so 2009. Now there’s nothing but pie ahead — as far as the eye can see.

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