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When Social Media Goes Wrong: Turn it into a Positive

Randy-EiltsLast week I had the opportunity to attend a two-day conference about social media. The conference was sponsored by Ragan Communications, PR Daily and the Public Relations Society of America. I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of social media, and now even more so. When used with a good strategic planning, and a commitment to make it work, companies and organizations everywhere are seeing good results.

Whenever I do presentations on the topic, I always get the question, “What if one of my employees states something that isn’t appropriate?” During the conference, there was a representative from the American Red Cross as one of the speakers. As if on command, the American Red Cross faced such a situation, and the entire conference of communications professionals got to witness how this national organization handled it. Let’s just say a comment about beer drinking ended up in the wrong place. But, by being honest, transparent, and acknowledging that we’re all human and make mistakes, the situation turned around and resulted in donations pouring in for the organization.

Read how the American Red Cross handled the situation on their blog.

This is one good example of the importance of staying on top of your social media initiatives, and not letting something spin completely out of control. I’m curious if any senior living communities have faced a situation through the use of social media that prompted some quick thinking or reaction. Let us know! We can all learn from sharing with each other.

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