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Not That Bad News Is Good News, But It Can Be an Advantage in Selling

Ken-Curnes1I’m talking about the rise in consumer prices we’ve all noticed and the word inflation creeping back into the headlines. All we need to do is fill up our car or buy a gallon of milk to realize that there has been a distinct jump in the cost of everyday living. And if we’re feeling it, think about what individuals on a fixed income may be experiencing.

It’s not good news, but it can help you introduce a key benefit of your community. How would your fixed-income prospects be feeling right now if they had the certainty of a predictable monthly expenditure covering basic living expenses? What if they weren’t paying for gas, food, utilities or home maintenance? It’s sometimes hard to convince prospects that the monthly fee at a community is commensurate with the total cost of living in their current home. Could they be a bit more receptive in this current environment? And wouldn’t the idea of sharing the impact of rising prices with 200 or 300 fellow residents sound like a pretty good idea as a hedge against potential big spikes?

I don’t know what the future holds for price increases or inflation. But I do know that it’s getting a lot of press right now, and I know our prospects are avid consumers of news. They may be hearing about it and worrying about it more than most of us.  

Consider the opportunity to position your community as a solution, a hedge, a sound financial decision. This is a message you might consider for any communication, from private appointments and group presentations to newsletters to blogs, especially with a call-to-action invitation to sit down with one of your counselors and compare their cost of living with the value of living at your community. You might even remind current residents of the benefits they enjoy, and ask them to invite their friends who may be ready for that same peace of mind to come talk to us.

We never want to play on fears, but let’s perhaps recognize an opportunity when it presents itself.

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