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We’re always finding new insights, and since 2008 we’ve been freely sharing them with our partners and friends through our blog. That means we have literally hundreds of senior living-related entries on a variety of subjects. Take a moment to look around at some of the interesting points we’ve uncovered. Or take all day.

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Notes from a dimly lit office.

Get your own room. Since “as many as 23 percent of married couples don’t sleep side-by-side through the night,” communities …

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New Report on Older Adults and Social Media

Last week my wife told me her 84-year-old Aunt Marie in Nebraska sent her a friend request on Facebook. She …

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What Would It Take to Be the Steve Jobs of Senior Living?

After decades of being an innovative thought leader, Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. Even though everyone knew …

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Combat In-Home Services with the Power of Community

I was recently asked by a community’s board member how to combat in-home care services. The thought behind the question …

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‘Granny’ Proves You’re Never Too Old to Teach

Back to School: Three words that have been on the minds of many of us lately. As teachers and students …

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Social Media: Is There a ROI for Senior Living?

More than 300 people registered to participate in the recent webinar given by GlynnDevins regarding social media and exploring the …

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There Is a New Player in Town…

Have you heard of Google+? Or better yet, were you one of the “chosen” few to test out this new …

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A Small Courtesy Leads to a Big Commission

Regular readers of our blog may recall me sharing a few weeks ago that I was in the market for …

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GlynnDevins Offers Free Social Media Webinar

More senior living communities are beginning to use social media and new media in their marketing programs. Yet many wonder …

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