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Social Media: Is There a ROI for Senior Living?

Randy-EiltsMore than 300 people registered to participate in the recent webinar given by GlynnDevins regarding social media and exploring the question about a return on investment for senior living. That is a real indicator that those within the field of senior living are beginning to take note that social media tools are becoming a necessary part of enhancing marketing communications strategies and tactics.

Because social media is a relatively new part of the marketing communications mix, GlynnDevins still maintains that organizations and communities shouldn’t abandon what is currently working to bring in prospects and leads, but certainly social media should be added as a way to begin building relationships and sharing information.

So then the question becomes, “What is the return on my investment for using social media tools?” The answer won’t be as concrete as stating you’ll get X number of qualified leads and X number of move-ins. The medium is too young within this field to have those metrics available. But what organizations can do is begin to measure their progress. In the webinar, we shared examples of ways to begin measuring results:

1)    Benchmark the number of people who “like” your community and organization. Set a goal to increase the number over a period of time.

2)    Are your followers engaged in conversation? Begin to benchmark the number of people who are commenting. Is that number increasing?

3)    If you’re sharing videos, how many viewers do you have? Is that number increasing over time?

4)    How many people, from Facebook for example, are coming to your website?

5)    How much time do people referred from a social media site spend on your website?

6)    When you do receive comments, are they mainly positive or negative?

You’re able to get a behind-the-scenes look at your social media activity through Google Analytics. You can take a look at Facebook Insights as a way to see and analyze the type of activity your Facebook page is getting. You can also get a good read on the age breakdown for those who are following you. Take a look at the demographics and start learning more about whom you can begin to build stronger relationships with.

If you do a promotion via social media, you can measure the results by reviewing the analytics. This is a great way to gauge if what you’re doing is working.

Every organization will have a different way of using social media, but you won’t know what it’s doing for you until you begin to measure and analyze. Remember that with social media, you’re building relationships. You’re asking others to “like or follow” you because you can offer something of value to them. Allow them to be part of the conversation. Ask questions or seek opinions that will entice someone to make a comment. They’ll ultimately be your brand advocates and bring the value to your organization or community that will hopefully mean somebody saying, “Yes, I want to live there or I want my loved one to live there.” By being part of social media, you’re demonstrating that you’re on the leading edge of where communication is heading for the field of senior living. There is return on investment; you just need to measure the results.

To view the slides from the webinar (complete with speaker notes), click here.

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