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Events That Inspire

Andrea-GrahamIt’s common practice at GlynnDevins to interview residents when auditing the situation at a senior living community. That’s because residents give us a clear, honest and realistic picture of what living at the community is like.

At one such interview, when asked, “What led you to choose this community?” one resident began to describe an event she attended in which a couple reenacted the lives of presidents and their first ladies in a dramatic monologue. I knew well the performance she was describing, because I’ve attended and helped coordinate the event, but I was somewhat intrigued to hear her explain that a community that would bring such interesting events greatly impressed her.

She went on to talk about the location and wonderful staff, but her response reminded me there are myriad reasons seniors choose a retirement community, and the types of marketing events we host can impact their motivations.

I later learned this community was close to a university where cultural events are popular and free thinking is valued. So it was a natural fit to offer non-traditional performances rich in history.

Many of the dynamic speakers and performers we work with speak on topics that uniquely appeal to seniors and their influencers. Here are 10 to ignite your planning:

  1. Travel
  2. Health and wellness
  3. Fitness
  4. Brain health and Alzheimer’s
  5. History
  6. Books and authors
  7. Cooking
  8. Fashion
  9. Real estate and downsizing
  10. Resources for the adult child

You don’t always have to spend big bucks on an event that will draw a crowd. Think local. Regional or local theatres and musicians, authors and city leaders are a good place to start. The result might very well be an event that keeps your residents engaged and inspires someone new to put your community at the top of their list.

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