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Notes from the quiet.


When you’re thinking about your brand (I am), here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

• You can call the brand on a cow a logo, but you really shouldn’t call your logo your brand.

• An authentic brand is clear, simple and sensible.

• The two reasons for bringing a brand into focus are easy. 1. It helps sellers present.
2. It helps consumers decide.

• A community brand is worth building and protecting. Not coincidentally, so is the community reputation.

• Yes, people choose a senior living community because it’s in their neighborhood, rather than because of the brand. Examine the brand, however, and you’ll see the neighborhood.

• Too often, conversations about branding lead straight to car brands.

• Unless you’re over 65 and living in a Continuing Care Retirement Car, cars are seriously unlike senior living communities.

• Every touchpoint between consumer and community builds the brand. When consistency prevails, people believe.

Time for branding in your community? Consult the residents and staff who live and work there. Nobody knows your brand better, so there’s no better place to start.

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