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Are Leads Hiding in Your Database?

Dorothy spent three months in Rehab at the Village after surgery. Thanks to the wonderful staff and top-notch therapy equipment, she was able to return home and resume her life. She has nothing but kind things to say about the people she met, the good food, and accommodations that were surprisingly very nice and ideal for recovery.

It’s no secret that rehab providers are growing to meet demand and increase revenue. To attract adult child referrals and stay competitive, many senior living communities are improving the short-term care experience. Best practices include separating Rehab from the general long-term care population, and renovating the environment to feel less clinical. The goal is to help patients like Dorothy return home.

Here lies the potential. As outcomes are successful, are you recognizing the opportunity to cultivate a relationship with Rehab patients and their families even after they leave your community?

Dorothy may well realize that even though she’s now able to live at home, she really did like the people at the Village, and it was great not to have to cook or take care of the yard. In fact, her children would worry about her a lot less if she’d move to the Village….

So congratulate Dorothy on her recovery, but don’t miss the opportunity to reclassify her as an independent living lead. Better yet, invite her to a fun event so she can experience living at the community outside of the Rehab setting. When she’s ready to make a move, the Village will be her first choice.

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