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Don’t Forget Direct Mail

While research shows that 53% of older adults are online, there is still an audience of 47% that may not be. The growth of digital is a positive thing and something communities should embrace to include in marketing tactics. However, as statistics show, tried-and-true tactics – such as direct mail, newspaper ads, and others, are still very valid in generating leads, and ultimately increasing occupancy at your community.

I’m reminded of this when I’m with my dad. He has less interest than some seniors to use a computer, and so far, he doesn’t own a smartphone. He’s more likely to read a newspaper and get his information the “old-fashioned way,” than via emails, texting or tweeting.

That’s why it’s important that your advertising tactics reach both these groups. In print and direct mail, be sure to include a call to action to go to the website of your community.

Direct mail is not only a proven way to generate and acquire leads, but it also provides an easy format to add interactive tools that can drive prospects to your website. Direct mail allows you to be personal with your message, and it’s a sure thing for boosting response. Direct mail can also help you gather email addresses.

I don’t think we’re ever going to see the end of direct mail, as some might believe. In fact, we see the future holding many opportunities to not only mail more, but to use direct mail to leverage improved modeling and targeting by including digital tactics in direct mail pieces.

How are you using direct mail to reach seniors who may not be online?

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