Online Resources Crucial to Seniors’ Research of Products and Services

Recent data from a GlynnDevins survey of 400 age- and income-qualified seniors shows that company websites and online reviews are the preferred method seniors use in researching a product or service. These two resources ranked highest among eight possible methods, with 8 in 10 seniors indicating a company’s website was the most often used method for finding information. This was true of both female and male senior consumers.

After online sources, there were several differences in the ranking of preferred methods of women versus men. Two-thirds of women indicated they would ask a friend or family member about the product or service. Only half of the men surveyed indicated this would be an information resource.  For men, the next most popular choice for researching a product or service, after online resources, was taking a direct and personal approach by visiting a store or place of business, with nearly two-thirds of men surveyed choosing this method. This was chosen as an information resource by only half of women surveyed.


The results of this survey, like other recent studies and data points, reinforce the already established role websites play in the overall marketing of a community. But it also shows the variety and number of resources used in making consumer decisions, further illustrating the need for, and value of, an integrated and well-rounded marketing communications program that uses all channels of communication to reach consumers and disseminate information.

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