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An Invention Convention

I recently attended my 3rd-grade daughter’s Invention Convention. Her assignment was to look for a problem, invent a unique solution and then present it at the Invention Convention. As I toured the Convention, I was thoroughly impressed with the ideas and creativity. These 8- and 9- year-olds, with some help from their parents, tackled problems with fun and interesting solutions.

Some of my favorites included a headband tree, Lego sorter, smartphone pouch for a dog collar, and sock magnets to keep the pair together in the wash. My daughter invented Sprouts — attachable cuffs in fun colors that add life and length to jeans, because kids grow too fast and their jeans get too short.

It got me thinking: If we all looked at the everyday problems in senior living the way 3rd-graders do, maybe we could come up with new solutions to old problems like these:

  • Get email addresses more efficiently and effectively
  • Reach that elusive adult child
  • Increase referrals
  • Debunk myths and change perceptions
  • Shorten the lead to sale cycle

In the almost 14 years that I’ve worked at GlynnDevins, I’ve seen some amazing solutions make an impact on marketing productivity. Think about how Google and other search engines have changed the way people find your community. Consider how social media has broadened the ability to connect. And 10 years ago, who would have thought that your website could be your #1 inquiry source, or that smartphones would, on average, drive 30% of traffic?

Some communities are using iPads during tours, writing blogs, and embracing email frequent contact programs, to name just a few of many creative ways to increase efficiency, reach their audience and build productive relationships.

What’s next? Perhaps it’s time for a senior living Invention Convention.

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