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Strategy: It’s for Social Media Too!

The idea of generating additional awareness for your organization or community on social media is gaining momentum as an accepted practice within the field of senior living. While not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, those who have are certainly seeing the benefits.

Keep in mind, however, that posting on social media channels is really about developing a strategy and delivering a message to various audiences. So be sure your social media strategy is aligned with a broader content strategy that encompasses all channels. And always start your social media strategy by asking, Who is your audience, anyway?

More than likely you’re engaging with residents, residents’ family members, prospective residents, adult children, employees and others in the business community. Does your content reflect enough to engage with all of them?

When developing an editorial calendar for social media content, think about each audience. Develop the content in the rule of thirds.


Perhaps a third of your content is directly showcasing resident lifestyle. Another third could demonstrate how your community/organization contributes to the overall business community in your market. The final third is providing others with relevant information that helps them see senior living is a smart choice for the future. Then ask yourself: Is all this in alignment with your brand promise?

And how do you know if you’re successful in all your efforts? The strategy should also include measurement. It’s all about setting goals and achieving them.

  • How many likes can you get on certain posts?
  • Is your social media site showing up as a website referral?
  • How much time are the referrals spending on your website?
  • Are referrals converting to leads?

The social media strategy sets the stage for all you do. Randomly posting items is an easy way to fill space and the content machine. But are the posts working for you? If you’ve got a strategy in place, you’ll know if you’re achieving results.

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