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On AL, chefs, vitality and ingenuity.

My grandmother never said her age. That was her thing. There was pride (save the stockings rolled to her ankles) and a commanding presence. She believed if others knew her age it would sink her authority. An attorney once told me new clients didn’t trust her because she looked 10 years younger than her actual age. A child waves 4 fingers and boldly claims, “I’m this many!” as if to say, “I’m ready!”

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Successful Aging: The Ultimate Content Generator

Chances are you’ve read or heard about the research on successful aging that came from the MacArthur Foundation’s study well over a decade ago. Essentially 30% of how we age is genetics and 70% is about lifestyle. That study eventually led to the creation of Masterpiece Living, an organization now embedded in communities across the country implementing initiatives to help residents age more successfully.

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Can I Get a Referral?

Asking for a referral is the easy part. Getting one is something else. We all know the importance referrals play in keeping a senior living community full. Exceptional customer service and highly satisfied residents are the necessary foundation for creating referrals. However, you might wonder why this isn’t enough sometimes, even when you’re hearing such positive feedback from the residents and their families.

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Google Implements Change in Search Results

    It’s here – “mobilegeddon.” Tuesday April 21, Google begins to filter out those websites not built for mobile …

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Branding, Bonding and Your Community’s Reputation.

There is seductive power in the world’s preeminent brands.A strong brand creates a kind of dreamscape that beckons you to enter, and then permeates your mind with its own mythology.There’s pleasure in knowing a brand’s origin and essence, and our responses become conditioned based on what we believe something to be. Do you doubt this?

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Marketing Automation: Enriching Digital Lead Engagement

Seniors are becoming more tech-savvy, and adult children play an increasingly important role in the sales process. Expectations are for timely response to inquiries and digitally delivered content. Marketing automation enables senior living organizations to meet these expectations, engage leads with relevant content, track and score each lead’s digital behavior, and deliver better leads to the sales team.

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Senior Living Marketing: CCAH vs. CCRC

I’ve recently begun working with my first Continuing Care at Home (CCAH) client. Many CCRCs are looking hard at the CCAH concept as a strategy to expand their business and mission without the significant investment of traditional communities.

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After getting older, what’s next?

Birthday’s closing in fast, so I’m thinking of carrot cake and death. The cake is orange-infused and, well, simply divine, which you’ll have to take my word for, unless my wife invites you to the party she’s throwing. If you get a piece of carrot cake, you’ll probably carry on about it like I do, until someone finally says, “You seem intelligent enough, so why the raving about cake?”

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Google Update to Have “Significant Impact” on Search Results

We hate to tell you this, but we must: if your website is still not mobile-friendly by the end of this month, prepare for reduced search rankings, website visits and, ultimately, fewer leads. “Mobilegeddon” is on the horizon. Read on, because we’re here to help you through.

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