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We’re always finding new insights, and since 2008 we’ve been freely sharing them with our partners and friends through our blog. That means we have literally hundreds of senior living-related entries on a variety of subjects. Take a moment to look around at some of the interesting points we’ve uncovered. Or take all day.

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For Emergencies Only!

While it’s something no one likes to think about, there’s always the possibility that senior living communities could experience the unthinkable: earthquakes, fires, massive flooding, tornadoes, etc. And if that ever does happen, how do you plan to communicate with the public? Most likely, the first place people will look for information is on your community’s website.

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GlynnDevins Positioned for Continued Growth in Senior Living Category

A Commitment to Culture

Hey, Check Out This Video

Facebook Loves Updates – And So Do We!

Awareness for Senior Housing Category

Did You Know? Assisted Living Website Statistics

Two minutes. That’s the average time on site for visits to assisted living websites tracked by GlynnDevins. Check out a few more statistics we’ve rolled up from thousands of consumer visits.

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Real American Senior Living Heroes

As 2015 has moved along, I’ve found myself thinking a lot about 1945. As many of you know, it’s been 70 years since a generation of young American soldiers helped save the world from tyranny. In early September, we’ll mark the anniversary of V-J Day and the end of World War II.

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Recommended Viewing

Summer movies have begun, with scads to come. So leave the office early or stretch your lunch (your boss says it’s okay) for a matinee, because a little escapism will do you a world of good.

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