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For Emergencies Only!

While it’s something no one likes to think about, there’s always the possibility that senior living communities could experience the unthinkable: earthquakes, fires, massive flooding, tornadoes, etc. And if that ever does happen, how do you plan to communicate with the public? Most likely, the first place people will look for information is on your community’s website.

In times of major crisis, your website is the perfect vehicle to get your messages out there. Having the capability to communicate quickly often helps calm fears, get the story accurate, and hopefully let the public know about your immediate situation.

That’s why having a “dark page” capability on your website is so important. It’s a page that’s only activated when absolutely necessary with clear and concise messaging.

For example: Your community experiences a major fire, and residents have been safely evacuated and relocated to a safe location. Imagine a family member living in another town wants to find out what’s going on but can’t get through on the phone. If the dark page is activated, the message on your website would pop up that could state the following:

Residents Are Safe and Sound

This afternoon the west wing of our community caught fire, and we were fortunately able to evacuate all our residents without any injuries. Unfortunately, several of the residences were heavily damaged and, as a result, no one is able to return to their apartments until further notice from fire officials. We are able to report all residents are safe and sound, and we are in the process of working with another community in the area to help with temporary housing. Fire investigators say it will be several days before an exact cause of the fire is known. We will continue to provide updates here as warranted.

A dark page on your website allows this type of messaging and gives you control of what to say. If you haven’t added this capability on your site, it is something you should strongly consider. Accurate information is powerful in times of a crisis.

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