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Big News. New Name. New Era in Senior Living.

LeadingAge announced that it’s endorsing the new category name “Life Plan Community,” suggesting use of the name in place of Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).

Following a series of surveys and focus groups, research revealed “continuing care retirement” carries a strong negative connotation. It implies respondents already need care, and has no immediate relevancy if they perceive themselves as active.

LeadingAge, along with Mather-LifeWays, spearheaded the research with collaboration from the marketing and advertising agencies of GlynnDevins, Brooks Adams Research, Love & Company, SB&A Integrated Marketing, and Varsity.

Life Plan Community tested positively with current and future consumers, who feel that it centers on them and their needs, is easy to remember and makes them want to learn more. The name allows for a conversation that is expansive and aspirational. It’s about increasing overall interest, and engagement, and can lower the age at which people decide to move to a community.

  • Life shows that our communities are about so much more than care. They’re about living life to the fullest.
  • Plan captures the unique “safety net” advantages that CCRCs offer through advanced wellness and care services.
  • Life Plan Community allows “planning” and “living” to merge, and focuses on a primary category benefit of having a plan in place to allow for living life to the fullest.

While change doesn’t happen overnight, we encourage those within the field to begin using Life Plan Community in marketing and other communications. LeadingAge, along with task force members, are providing tools to help with the transition. A microsite,, has been established; here you can read and learn more, and also find resources to help in how to begin using the name.

A name change alone won’t make us successful at repositioning the category. It’s just one piece of the overall effort. The bigger part, of course, will be how well communities deliver on the promises inherent in the new language, and continue catering to the needs and desires of the population we serve.

Life Plan Community is the future, and we hope you’ll be part of it too.

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