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Direct Mail is Fundamental

I know the name and address of your next new resident. Well, let me amend that a little, I’m almost 70% sure I know the name of your next new resident. Interested?

It’s no magic trick. It’s fundamental senior living marketing. And as the new year begins, it’s a simple reality that can’t be overlooked. Want proof? Here are three facts that support my claim:

Fact #1 – Nearly every senior living community I’ve visited over the last decade has confirmed that, on average, 70% of their residents come from the local area.

Fact #2 – We know (based on marketing data from lead management systems) that most of those individuals previously lived within 5 to 7 miles of the community. This is your Primary Marketing Area (PMA), and it’s easily defined by a set of ZIP codes.

Fact #3 – With 95% accuracy, we can procure a list of every age- and income-qualified household within that specific geographic area.

So by my logic, there’s a nearly 70% chance that the name of your next new resident is on a list I know I can create for your specific community. Add the leads in your database from that same PMA, and the percentage gets even higher.

Now for the best part. By using direct mail, you can efficiently communicate with every person on that list on a regular basis… and by extension, with your next resident. Don’t let this fundamental reality get lost as you integrate digital strategies and tactics into your marketing program. Direct mail is a still a workhorse for senior living communities.

Some questions to ask:

  • Is direct mail a foundational element of your marketing program?
  • Is it targeted by age, income and geography?
  • Do you use custom-built mailing lists?
  • Is your program planned for segmentation, cadence and message mix?
  • Do you maintain a database with data to define your PMA?

If you can answer yes to all these questions, you’re probably doing a great job with your direct mail program. If you can’t, it’s likely you’re missing an opportunity – and maybe even your next new resident.

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