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Three Quick Tips to Reboot Your Marketing Program

If you’re looking to get more out of your marketing efforts, but don’t know exactly where to start, try these three strategies:

Find a Sounding Board

Seek out a knowledgeable resource – peer group, mentor, state association, other marketing professionals – and bounce some ideas off them. Find out what others are doing and what they think of your situation. It’s easier to create with outside stimulation than it is staring at a blank sheet of paper.

Be Willing to Change

If you want different results, don’t keep doing the same thing. Be open to new ideas and strategies, as well as dropping what you’ve always done. It’s tough to do and often comes with more work, but therein lies the chance for greater return on your investment.

Take It to the Next Level

New ways of selling the same old thing might not get you the results you’re looking for. Be open to changing your product, contract types or mix of services. Think about what the market is asking for—whether that’s multiple dining options, home health services, home sale assistance, or some other service or amenity—and do whatever you can to provide it. Consumers are changing. Are you?

Of course, marketing isn’t as easy as 1–2–3, but these might get you started down the right path… or at least open up the conversation to new possibilities.

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