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Is Fido the Real Decision Maker?

In senior living marketing, we often talk about Adult Child Influencers (ACIs). We also talk about Professional Influencers (PIs) – doctors, financial planners, estate attorneys, and other business and medical professionals. These groups often do play a role in helping older adults make the decision about moving to a senior living community.

Yet there’s another group that should be considered — Animal Influencers (AIs). Yup, that’s right. If you’re a pet lover, that animal is a huge part of your family. Pet products in America represent a $15 billion industry. And for good reason. People are emotionally attached to their pets.

A recent blog post points out that many major brands are using animals to help in their marketing. So it really does makes sense that there’s a subset of older adults who won’t move to your community if you don’t allow their dog or cat or parrot to come with them.

And if you do allow pets, do you use that messaging in your marketing? It could be as subtle as a testimonial ad with a photo of a couple and their pet. Or it could be as overt as a television commercial with Max the dog.

Targeting pet owners—including mentioning walking trails or dog parks your community might have that would be especially appealing — could fill some of those vacant residences. Remember, while animal influencers may not be able to talk, they definitely have a powerful influence over your next potential sale.

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