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4 KPIs to Improve Your Facebook Game

If you’re one of many senior living communities embracing social media, you understand it can sometimes be difficult to determine how effective marketing efforts are on Facebook without some clear KPIs to measure.


Here are the four best KPIs to measure to make sure you’re on track:



Overall engagement is the most important determiner of how well you’re performing on social media. While page likes are important – the number of people Facebook will show any given post is in part determined by the number of likes a page has – engagement is the number that shows exactly how many of the people you reached were interested and participating. To drill down even more, a post like is a nice start, but truly important engagement is a comment or a share, which takes more effort and denotes genuine interest.

How to improve

Make sure you’re responding to those who engage with you. If someone comments on a post, comment back. If they send you a message, respond quickly. It lets your audience know that you’re interested in them, and that encourages them to reach out.


Audience Profile

Does your audience actually comprise the people you’re trying to reach?

How to tell

If you check out your reach in Facebook insights, and it’s not who you’re hoping to see, try optimizing your posts.

How to improve

Post optimization is a quick process.

  • Make sure the post optimization feature is enabled
    • On your page, go to Settings
    • Click on Edit on the Audience Optimization for Posts section
    • Click Allow
    • Save Changes

KIM F in Text 1

When you start a new post, a bull’s-eye graphic will appear under the post text box. Click on the bull’s-eye, add any relevant interests, and then click on Audience Restrictions and put in your preferred demographics.

KIM F in text 2

Audience Growth

Are you increasing page likes each month? Are more people engaging with your posts? Measure how many page likes you have and how many post engagements you have compared to six months or a year ago. If those numbers are trending upwards, then you have a great start.

How to improve

If you’re feeling stuck or like your page isn’t growing very quickly, try a targeted like campaign. In essence, this is an ad that gets Facebook to show your page to people who might be interested in it. You can target these ads by age, location and gender.


Post Reach

How many people generally see each post? Facebook rewards page growth (that is, the number of page likes you have) and overall high engagement over time by organically showing your posts to more people. Watch those numbers: if the post reach is trending upward, your efforts are paying off.

How to improve

If you have a post that is getting really good engagement, Facebook will point it out to you and suggest you boost it. Try it out. Even $5 on a post can dramatically increase the number of people who see it (and can therefore engage with it). As the number of people engaging with your page steadily grow, Facebook will respond by showing your posts to more people. Win-win.


Keep in mind that these statistics are best looked at in competition with yourself. Pages vary widely in performance based on size, audience, location, and local competition. That means the ultimate determinant of your results is to measure your progress over time. Has your engagement improved? Has your post reach increased? Does your page have more likes? If your numbers are increasing overall, you’re headed in the right direction.

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