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Your Marketing Event: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The goal of any marketing event is to bring prospective residents to your community, and the best way to do that is by offering something of value to them in exchange for their time. With a variety of events presented to the same group of prospects, you’ll often find a unique group of interested seniors who respond and take part in each different event.

That being said, one important thing to remember when planning your next event is this: One size doesn’t fit all.

But that’s okay, because understanding the bigger picture of who your prospective residents are, and what they want out of life, can go a long way toward getting your next signatures on the dotted line.

We’ve helped plan every type of event under the sun, from wine tastings to guest speakers and more. And with that, we’ve come up with a few helpful guidelines to keep in mind when creating your next marketing event:

Don’t be afraid to choose an event that targets a specific type of prospective resident.

A wine-tasting event might be perfect for a large portion of your prospect base, but don’t forget to take the opportunity to showcase other aspects of your community. A husband and wife or a group of friends may attend the event because one or more of them is a wine connoisseur, but don’t neglect those who just came along for the ride. Use this opportunity to find out more about the preferences of the others in the group, and take this time to highlight aspects of the community that meet their needs, as well as to gain insight into the types of events that might attract others like them in the future.

Don’t take “no” for an answer.

If someone calls and says they’re not interested in the history lecture you’ve got planned, find out what they are interested in. There’s always a conversation that can be had. Let them know that while the lecture might not be for them, you’d love to give them a tour so they can learn more about how your community can be a place for them to explore their unique interests, too.

Know the audience you’re targeting.

Don’t rely on what you’ve seen others doing. Tailor plans to your market; no one else has the ability to know the seniors in your area as well as you do.

Listen, ask and learn.

Many seniors simply attend marketing events for the complimentary food or drinks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pique their interest. Keep an ear on their conversations, ask questions about who they are and learn their passions. Almost every prospective resident is more interested than they might realize.

Ask prospective residents to provide feedback.

The best way to tailor events to your prospects is to get their input on what types of events they’d like to see in the future at your community. You can do this using email, social media or even by posting something on your website.


What’s the final takeaway? Keep your eyes and ears open, be active as a planner and participant, and make the most of the time your prospects spend with you. Sometimes, the most valuable insights come when you least expect them.

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