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Successful Aging — Are You a Change Agent?

In the world of senior living, we’ve all heard and read stories about those older adults who exemplify successful aging. They hit the fitness center at your community. They’re participating in myriad activities planned throughout the month. They’re socially connected. Senior living communities have team members who help by ensuring their residents have the opportunity to live in an environment where successful aging is a way of life.

Those in the field of marketing senior living are well aware that today’s older adults are changing. On the surface, that may mean they’re seeking unique living spaces or choices when it comes to dining. But today’s older adults also want more when it comes to successful aging. Wellness initiatives tend to attract younger retirees. How prepared are you to understand exactly what they’re looking for?

Ongoing training and learning more about today’s older adults is one of the best ways to be prepared for the latest in what successful aging is all about. It’s also the best way to ensure that your community has the best practices in place.

Masterpiece Living®, through its Masterpiece Academy, is offering a Successful Aging Innovators Workshop in late June to help organizations be on the leading edge within the aging field. The Academy offering in June is one of four opportunities and locations to learn more about how communities embrace the best practices of successful living. Your team could be the next to enhance a culture of successful aging and growth. Ultimately, your next new residents will recognize why your community was the right choice for them.

If being on the leading edge of successful aging sounds appealing, you can learn more about the Innovators Workshop here.

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