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What’s Your Community’s Personality?

Time to ‘fess up: how many of you have taken one of those Buzzfeed personality quizzes? “Which Lord of the Rings character are you?” Or “Which decade/country do you really belong in?” (I’m Galadriel and should live in 1960s London, in case you were wondering.)

These quizzes are silly and don’t mean anything. But taking them gives us a fun way to identify ourselves. Like their more serious counterparts – Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, etc. – they give us a way to communicate about ourselves to others. Which is where this ties in to senior living marketing.

How well can you articulate your senior living community’s personality?

People investigating senior living options are doing their homework. They’re getting facts about Life Care and different types of retirement communities. They go to websites and get facts about the features and benefits. But are they getting a sense of your community’s culture, its personality?

Because when they start visiting communities in person, what they’re looking for is a place that fits them and their personality. That certain something that resonates with who they are. That lets them say, “Ahh… this feels right.”

Why wait until they walk through the doors to let them discover who you really are?

When they interact with your brand on social media, get a direct mail piece, or go to your website, what are you showing them about your community? What do your copy, design, videos and photos really say about you? Too many communities settle for generic language and imagery that make them seem like every other community around.

Every senior living community that I’ve visited has its own personality. Yes, they’re made up of unique individuals, but there are overarching characteristics that describe their essence.

Some are fun-loving extroverts where there’s always time for a party and no one is a stranger. Some are intellectuals, driven by culture and lively debate. Sophisticated; down-home; civic-minded; nature-lovers … who you are should shape how you communicate from the very first point of contact with prospects.

If you can’t articulate your community’s personality, it’s time to do some homework to figure it out. Prospects want to see the real you so they can see if you’re a fit for the real them.

Get Started – This is a silly question that makes my clients laugh at first, but it always gets me helpful descriptions: If you were to put your community on a dating site, how would you describe it? Think about it and let us know – we’d love to get to know you better.

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