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Transformative Technology Requires an Evolutionary Approach, Expanded Services

It’s no secret that technology is advancing at unparalleled rates. It’s an exciting time that requires agility to remain at the forefront of both the senior living and marketing industries. Brands must continually evolve and explore additional services to solve current and future consumer needs. Whether it’s marketing communication strategies or community experience planning, change is here to stay.

From a community experience standpoint, there’s a clear trend toward willingness to incorporate emerging technologies. It involves a lot more than just Wi-Fi at communities. Technology innovators like Frogman Interactive and adoption of intelligent content management systems (CMS), resident/priority holder/employee communication portals, interactive kiosks, virtual tours and 3D visualization content, will become increasingly more common. As 2017 Pew Research data shows, seniors continue to become more comfortable with technology, so these types of tools are no longer just “nice to have.” And they’re becoming an expectation for family members, staff and other key community stakeholders.

That’s why we’re excited to welcome Frogman Interactive to the GlynnDevins family. This past month, we acquired another best-in-class senior living firm to strengthen our ability to deliver progressive communication technologies that complement our integrated marketing, sales and consultative services.

Greater Range of Services

The menu of services for communities is more robust than ever. The integration with Frogman Interactive in the coming months will focus on delivering technology-enabled products that support internal and external communication, and enhance community experience. From tools and apps that help prospects imagine life at a community, to engaging residents and families after move in, to supporting associate training and performance – opportunities are abundant to help communities leverage emerging technologies.

Harnessing Market Disruptors

Emerging technologies are transforming how people think, behave, do business and go about their daily lives. Industry leaders must be mindful of market disruptors and constantly evolve services and products to change with demand. At GlynnDevins, it’s a never-ending process to ensure we can prove our mission of serving the senior living industry and commitment to our clients.

Forward Bound

In other categories, technology changing business models is nothing new. From Netflix to Uber, the way brands talk to their customers is tech-centered and future focused. While these services may seem a bit distant from the senior living field, the customer base has the same expectations – more effective, more efficient services.

So what’s the big-picture guiding principle? In senior living, it’s not about adopting technology for technology’s sake. It’s about adapting and changing with consumer needs by integrating tech-based solutions into marketing, communications and customer-experience plans. If tech usage among seniors nearly quadruples over the next five years – as data shows it has in the last five years – it’s more important than ever to deliver progressive product lines. We’re excited to add the services of Frogman Interactive to the GlynnDevins portfolio as this enables us to deliver advanced, more robust technology solutions for our clients nationwide.

Learn more about our current menu of services.

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