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Crisis Communication During Hurricane Season

The devastating hurricanes of 2017, Harvey and Irma, impacted thousands in Texas and the Southeast – including those in 20 of our client communities. During moments of crisis, more than 70 GlynnDevins associates helped develop, organize and launch various communications across multiple channels to help ensure the safety of both senior living residents and community team members’ families.

Examples of our work included:

  • Posts to website fly-ins and blog pages
  • Password-protected employee portals
  • Social media posts
  • Press releases and news articles
  • Email communications

These updates were imperative, and in many cases were the most direct way family members and friends could learn how loved ones were faring during the storms. During Hurricane Irma, for one community, our associates provided support by creating and sharing hurricane-related posts every 12 hours.

Although both hurricanes have ended, our support has not. An effort is currently underway to help client communities:

  • Thank all those who came together; build loyalty/community/advocacy
  • Gain media recognition for keeping residents safe and comfortable
  • Maximize exposure in social media
  • Enhance reputation through ratings and comments
  • Collect stories and testimonials
  • Encourage prospective residents to move sooner to a safe, supportive environment
  • Celebrate the strength of staff members
  • Build community relationships with first responders
  • Collect learnings about how to improve crisis plans for future events
  • Reinforce residents and their families in their decisions to move to the community

It was impressive to see so many people mobilize quickly – establishing plans of action, remaining on call throughout the weekend, and taking shifts to communicate updates where needed.

But this work pales in comparison to the actions of community leaders and staff who dedicated their days and nights to the safety of residents, families, and even guests from other evacuated communities. The compassion and loyalty that was demonstrated in a time of crisis is why so many of us work in the senior living industry.

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