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Maximize Your Sales Efforts with Marketing Automation

Limited staff, limited time – does this sound familiar to your senior living community? Marketing automation helps solve this common issue by creating efficiencies within the sales process, allowing sales to focus on the high-touch activities that drive relationships and sales.

This technology identifies digital behaviors and passes the detail to sales so they can act accordingly. From detailed actions taken online to level of engagement and content consumed, this information empowers your sales teams to better anticipate prospect needs, understand interests and concerns, and measure their level of interest in your community.

Smarter. Faster. Clearly defined.

The name “marketing automation” has misled many to assume the technology is only for marketers — but read on to understand how marketing automation is an even more powerful and essential tool for sales.

  • Provide quality leads
    Through marketing automation, you can know more about your leads as well as personalize touchpoints and engage in more meaningful conversations. The tracking and scoring capabilities of a marketing automation platform (MAP) deliver useful information to ensure your sales counselors are focusing on the right sales-ready leads. They’ll learn what matters most to a new lead or reengaged contact, when and how best to follow up, the level of interest in your community, and whether a lead wants to learn more.
  • Prioritize follow-up
    Your community website can be a rich source of leads, but your sales team needs to respond and follow up with each lead in a timely manner. By continually scoring digital behaviors, a MAP provides a prioritized list for follow-up. The truth is, some leads are hungrier for information than others. Scoring helps your team identify and prioritize those individuals, which can help you become more efficient and effective at lead management.
  • Connect at the right time
    Take the example of a person who spoke with a team member over three months ago but isn’t returning phone calls or responding to emails. If that individual is now active on your community’s website, a MAP would identify the individual’s digital engagement. It would score their behavior and notify the assigned sales counselor to take the relevant follow-up action.Real-time alerts, scheduled follow-up activities and sales management reports empower your sales counselors to become trusted advisors, connecting with leads when they need help the most.
  • Nurture non-sales-ready leads
    Equally as important as knowing who to focus on or who’s ready to commit is determining who needs nurturing or isn’t sales-ready. From educating new leads about your senior living community to providing content to resolve objections or nurturing a wait list for loved ones of current residents, marketing automation provides behavioral intelligence to personalize every stage of the customer journey.
  • Align sales and marketing
    Solid sales fundamentals, such as identifying your sales funnel and defining a lead nurturing process, are the key components to generating more leads and closing more sales. Fueled by these fundamentals, marketing automation can be the catalyst that aligns sales and marketing to achieve those results.

Learn more about the impact of marketing automation in senior living and how it can power personalized messaging for both sales and marketing here.


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