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Your prospects have questions. Are you answering them?

Whether you’re producing content as part of an ongoing communications strategy (think: blogging) or revamping marketing content for your website, it’s important to keep in mind the questions senior living prospects are asking as they surf the Web.

According to Google, many senior living-related search queries pertain to defining levels of care. Questions like, “What is assisted living?” and “assisted living vs. independent living” are at the top of the list. This data tells us that our target audience is likely looking to educate themselves on the level of care they or a loved one requires. By making answers to these commonly asked questions easily accessible on your website, you give users the tools they need to help determine the right fit for their specific wants and needs. To start, clearly state what assisted living and independent living means at your community, what services and amenities are included, and what types of options are available if their needs change.

Users are also turning to online ratings and reviews to aid in decision-making. The high search volume of phrases like “nursing home reviews” and “nursing home ratings” means you must proactively monitor and grow your community’s online reputation and cache of reviews. If you don’t already have a reputation management program in place, you should make this a priority in the coming year. Have a plan to monitor, craft responses to, and garner those reviews that users so often search for. The quality and quantity of online reviews about your community could help encourage or even discourage interested prospects from contacting your community.

Finally, older adults and their loved ones have many questions surrounding how much it costs to live at a community. It may come as no surprise that queries relating to “senior living costs” are searched frequently on Google. While we don’t necessarily recommend including costs in the content of your website, keep in mind that cost is an important factor to most prospects. If you choose not to include pricing, explain in detail the financial benefit that comes with living in a CCRC. Or make sure it’s clear to the prospect that by filling out the contact form or calling the community, pricing information will be provided.

There is a fine line between answering the right questions and answering too many questions. Focus on giving prospects just enough information, but not so much that they aren’t enticed to fill out an information request form or pick up the phone and start that relationship with your communities marketing staff. Most importantly, use your website and online presence as a tool to answer your online prospects’ most pressing questions.

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