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Retargeting Campaigns to Reach Lost Prospects

Because there’s so much information to be found in the digital space, it’s not uncommon for senior living prospects who are visiting your website to leave for one reason or another – even if they are interested in learning more. For example, they may have visited your website to get contact information, so they can call or email for more information at a later date. Or they were conducting preliminary research to narrow down their search. Rather than waiting for these prospects to return to the website before you can influence them or have a conversation in some way, have you considered retargeting them and reminding them why they were interested in learning more about your community in the first place?

With retargeting campaigns, you have access to a retargeting pixel that can be placed on your website to help target prospects who have previously visited your site. This allows you to serve online display ads about your community and keep your community top of mind for those visitors who have for one reason or another navigated away from your website.

Studies have shown that visitors who leave your website are more likely than people who aren’t retargeted to return to your website if they’re retargeted with online display ads.

It’s also possible and very effective to create campaigns focused on different segments based on what visitors’ activities were on your website, allowing you to speak more directly to their needs and be more relevant for them. For example, if someone was looking at the Events page, you could serve an ad to the individual inviting them to an upcoming Lunch & Learn event, so they can meet with staff and learn more about the community. Another example would be to serve retargeted ads to newsfeeds or along the sidebar on Facebook, linking prospects back to your website or your community’s Facebook page to engage in a conversation.

So, if you were able to convince people who left your website to come back through an automatic, targeted campaign, wouldn’t it be worth it to make that connection?

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