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2018 LeadingAge Annual Meeting & EXPO Celebrity Auditions

For the second consecutive year, LeadingAge asked GlynnDevins to help create promotional videos highlighting all the exciting events happening at this year’s Expo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Developing these short films offered the perfect opportunity to bring to life something a little bit fun and different while partnering with our friends at LeadingAge. The videos were featured during each of the general sessions at the Annual Meeting and promoted these Expo events: We Are LeadingAge, Start Up Garage, Hollywood Squares, Words from the Wise, Day in the Life, and Career Path.

The concept we developed with our LeadingAge partners was quite simple — we “auditioned” several notable Americans associated with the city of Philadelphia to see if they’d be able to represent all the wonderful happenings at the Expo. This enabled us to showcase some historic “older adults” and also reflect on the heritage of Philadelphia and our country in an entertaining way.

Hopefully you can see how much fun we had developing the idea and scripts for these short videos — and it’s obvious we had a great time shooting and editing them, too. Take a look for yourself, and let us know what you think!

Words from the Wise:

Words from the Wise

Start Up Garage:

Start Up Garage

We Are LeadingAge:

We Are LeadingAge

Hollywood Squares:

Hollywood Squares

Career Path:

Career Path

Day in the Life:

Day in the Life

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