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‘Living the Brand’ Comes to Life

How we used a bit of fun, subversive thinking to launch of one of GlynnDevins latest offerings.

Among the many things GlynnDevins brought to the 2018 LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo, one revolutionary call to action took a different approach. Without giving the whole idea away, we set out to spark a conversation and awaken attendees to the adverse labor trends happening within the senior living industry.

Enter the Agents of the Workplace Revolution — part shock and awe mixed with a little rebellious grassroots optimism. A creative concept that made way for the necessary dissemination of harsh realities while also serving as a perfect platform for eye-catching rallying cries.

It gave us a starting point from which to pose critical questions and begin illustrating the why and how behind Living the Brand: the exciting new offering born from a dynamic partnership between GlynnDevins and Aspire.

Through our initial touch points, GlynnDevins and Aspire were positioned as allies to let the Agents of the Workplace Revolution idea stand on its own. And while we wanted to let the facts tell the story, we didn’t want our concept to rely purely on scare tactics. To that end, each of our efforts laddered up to a specific set of marching orders.

For our audience, this was their two weeks’ notice. Fourteen days from the conference, inspired agents would reconvene for a members-only webinar focused on propelling the movement forward and further solidifying the critical importance of the change we hope to provoke.

Visiting a dedicated landing page and signing up for the webinar was the only way to ensure agents would be ready for the road ahead. During the webinar, GlynnDevins and Aspire drilled into the problems at hand and shared how, as allies to the cause, the two pioneering partners could collectively help organizations awaken the untapped end-to-end potential of their brands.

With more than 30 years’ experience in senior living marketing, GlynnDevins possesses an unmatched level of industry insight along with a robust set of marketing, technology and consulting solutions. Aspire, the leader in luxury hospitality training, brings the proven ability to impact powerful culture change across an entire organization. Together we deliver a truly unique opportunity in Living the Brand.

View part one of the two part webinar series, The Challenges of Today’s Senior Living Workplace & How Company Culture Plays a Key Rolehere.

View the second part of the two part series, The Secrets to Making Your Entire Brand Come Alive for an Optimal Workplace Culturehere.

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