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GD POV: Future of Direct Mail

Direct mail is a fundamental marketing approach for almost any industry. The study “Trends and Future of Direct Mail Through 2020” provides projections over the course of five years.

The research study forecasts modest direct mail growth through 2020 due to relatively high stable economy and direct mail’s value in complementing digital marketing channels.

Direct mail is very important to our industry. When it is integrated with other digital marketing channels, it drives an effective strategy that engages senior living audiences by encouraging them to take action. Each channel can stand alone, but combining them offers a greater return on investment and results in greater lead generation.

The study also stated that marketing services companies expected their direct mail marketing nonprint business (email and social) to surpass their print business.

Direct mail is still a prominent strategy for senior living communities to effectively connect and engage with their intended audiences. By profiling consumer behavior and engagement with a community, we will be able to enhance personalization to create an even more meaningful, 1-to-1 consumer connection. This confluence of print/digital direct strategies with data analysis is rapidly transforming the way we approach direct mail today and the immediate future.

To read the full study, click here.

Teresa Carter is vice president of production operations and project management, and has more than 30 years of experience managing direct marketing strategies for senior living communities.

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