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The Importance of the About Us Section

Users expect About Us sections to be clear, authentic, and transparent. They compare website content with third-party reviews to form a holistic opinion of a company before contacting the community or business. Because of this user behavior, it is also important that testimonials on the websites mirror up with the sentiment of third party review sites. Let’s take a look at factors that negatively and positively impact user satisfaction with About Us content:

The main factors that negatively impacted user satisfaction with About Us content are:

  • Hard-to-find critical information (such as what the company or community does)
  • Content that lacked substance
  • Stock photography
  • Poor choice of font size, color, and contrast, proving low consideration for accessibility
  • Lack of trust and security indicators

The main factors that positively impacted user satisfaction were:

  • Clean graphic designs that complimented the content and were consistent with the company or community’s image
  • Authentic, realistic imagery
  • Easy-to-find contact information that included a diversity of options — telephone numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses
  • Clearly outlined community and social efforts, interest in diversity, inclusion, and environmental sustainability
  • Endorsements from reputable, external sources

Source: Nielsen Norman Group

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