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Reaching the Senior Audience in the Age of Media Fragmentation

As the number of available media outlets continues to grow, the number of people advertisers can reach with any one tactic becomes smaller. This means that advertisers now have a much more difficult task in figuring out how and when to reach their target audience. Mass media alone is no longer the best bet.

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The Complete List: 2016’s Top 100 Senior Living Marketing Tips

(Part V)">

2016’s 100 Best Senior Living Marketing Tips (Part V)

2016’s 100 Best Senior Living Marketing Tips (Part IV)

2016’s 100 Best Senior Living Marketing Tips (Part III)

Direct Mail is Fundamental

Are Emails You’re Sending Fit for Every Device?

A simple principle. More or less.

Thanks for Sending Us Good Leads

Reviewing basics

Don’t Forget Direct Mail

The Envelope Please

Don’t Abandon Direct Mail, Evolve It

I’ve been working with mail houses and managing direct marketing campaigns for senior living organizations for more than 25 years. …

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Postage Increase Coming Soon – Remember 5 Best Practices for Direct Mail

One of the most effective tools for communicating to senior living leads and prospects is direct mail. The U.S. Postal …

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Senior Living Consultants Answer 8 Important Direct Mail Questions

We recently hosted an informational webinar, “Amp Up Direct Mail in Today’s Digital Environment.” Direct mail is a critical part …

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Direct Mail Is Alive, Expected to Grow

10 Keys to a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign

I’ve been managing direct mail marketing campaigns for more than 20 years, and I’ve seen many new strategies throughout the …

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Seniors Read Their Mail

And not only do they read it, they digest it, and they talk about it, and they show it to …

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Notes from a dimly lit office.

Writing letters. Say you get a letter. There’s a pretty stamp, a handwritten address, and the return is someone you …

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Are Your Direct Mail Efforts Aligned with the Three Primary Elements?

Over the last year, we’ve written several times about communities that, after years of enjoying healthy occupancy levels, have needed …

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