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Event Marketing: Know Your Audience, Know Your Speaker

Senior living marketers use event marketing in much the same way as a major sporting event attracts fans ‒ by appealing to specific interests. Fans want to be entertained not just by the product on the field, but by the entire experience at the venue.

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March Madness Can Be A Marketing Slam Dunk

They want in on your plot.

What’s Your Community’s Personality?

Words Matter

A Parody for the Ages: Try Not to Smile. We Dare You.

Marketing the Great Outdoors

7 Ideas to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Senior Community

Your Marketing Event: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

I didn’t do it: When nonwriters create content

The Complete List: 2016’s Top 100 Senior Living Marketing Tips

Is Fido the Real Decision Maker?

What are the top hospitality services in senior living?

Lessons from a Drive-Thru

What does added value mean to you?

Service versus Hospitality

In recent months, I’ve heard much talk about senior living communities and hospitality. Some claim to have it incorporated into …

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A Small Courtesy Leads to a Big Commission

Regular readers of our blog may recall me sharing a few weeks ago that I was in the market for …

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People buy from people they like. Never forget the power of a smile, a kind word, a personal note, genuine …

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Hey You! vs. Hey Susan!

I’m a sucker when it comes to online shopping. In fact, every so often I have to unsubscribe from my …

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Are You Going the Extra Mile?

Ida Keeling is. And she’s running circles around retirement with no finish line in sight. From the Bronx, Ida is …

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Culture of Customer Service

There was plenty of talk about customer service at the Aging Services of California conference last week. More communities are …

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More Than Just a Number

This past weekend, my wife and I spent a weekend with our daughter at the university campus where she’ll be …

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I Have Peace of Mind

Chances are if you read any of the marketing materials for just about any senior living community across the country, …

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Think Service Instead of Sale and Watch What Happens

Reading Betty’s blog from Tuesday reminded me of a news item I saw recently about a young man in Dallas …

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Pay Attention to the Spirit of Your Community

I’m on the road this week visiting a community and have been fortunate to have visited a lot of communities …

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