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March Madness Can Be A Marketing Slam Dunk

Whenever I spend time with residents at a community, I hear great stories about the friendships they’ve forged since moving in. Many say they haven’t had such good friends since high school, and they begin to tell me about all the activities they share with those companions.

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A Parody for the Ages: Try Not to Smile. We Dare You.

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Marketing the Great Outdoors

7 Ideas to Generate More Positive Reviews for Your Senior Community

4 KPIs to Improve Your Facebook Game

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7 Social Tactics to Embrace in 2016

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For Emergencies Only!

Strategy: It’s for Social Media Too!

The idea of generating additional awareness for your organization or community on social media is gaining momentum as an accepted practice within the field of senior living. While not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon, those who have are certainly seeing the benefits.

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15 Social Media Tips and Reminders for 2015

How National Crises Should Affect Your Marketing Plans

Tragedy struck the United States multiple times in the last week. With the Boston Marathon bombings and the subsequent manhunt, …

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“This feels like small talk.”

Are You Pinteresting?

Facebook’s Evolving Role in Advertising

There has been much scrutiny lately of Facebook with the recent IPO, which some have considered to be a failure. …

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Facebook Announces Timeline for Business Pages

As we’ve all come to learn, nothing is constant in the world of social media, especially when it comes to …

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Bruce and Esther Huffman: A Love Story

We were first introduced to Esther and Bruce Huffman back in August of 2011, when they charmed their way into …

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