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Fifty Plus Survey by Brooks Adams Research

The Fifty Plus Survey is developed and maintained by Brooks Adams Research with the aim of gaining an insight into the 50+ year-old market   the generation that has consistently defied early prophecies.

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The Fifty Plus Survey is a forum where your opinion counts! We will ask you to participate in regular ongoing studies regarding products and services you would like to see available. For each survey you complete, you will be included in a sweepstakes prize drawing or you could win cash prizes. Discover all the benefits and make your voice heard!

Make your opinion count
  • Influence businesses & government decisions
  • Your input will improve products & services
Participating is simple and free
  • All you need is an email address & internet access
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Get rewarded with prizes
  • Get entered into a prize drawing for every survey you complete
  • Prizes range from $5 to $200 gift cards depending on the length and type of survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Brooks Adams conducts research on topics related to adults aged 50 years and older. We may ask for your opinion on different products and services, technology or the Internet, retirement plans, housing and real estate options, leisure time and sports and so forth.

We conduct surveys for a wide variety of clients. Businesses and government bodies make important decisions based on the survey results we obtain. Your information will be combined with data from other respondents around the country and will only be used for marketing research purposes. By combining your opinions with those of other members, you will be helping companies to develop new products and services designed to best meet the needs of consumers.

We will invite you to participate in surveys for which you are eligible. For every survey you complete, you will be entered into a monthly prize drawing. Prizes range from $5 to $200 gift cards depending on the length and type of survey. We will email you if you win and offer you a choice of gift cards ranging from Starbucks, or Visa/Amex cards.

People are often selected to take part in a survey on the basis of certain characteristics such as age, gender and so forth. In order to select appropriate people, we need specific background details. It is essential that surveys are representative, i.e. different groups of respondents must be represented proportionally. This is important to ensure that the correct conclusions are drawn from a survey.

We try to keep the questionnaires as short as possible. An average questionnaire contains twenty questions; answering them usually takes about ten minutes. Longer questionnaires will occasionally appear. The time taken to complete the questionnaire can sometimes be longer when the Internet is busy. does its best to make sure that the Internet connection remains as fast as possible. However, when the Internet is very busy, a little more time may be needed to complete a questionnaire.

You are free to leave the panel at any time. As a member, you will receive access information for your personal page, where you can change your personal profile and cancel your membership, too. Your membership commits you to nothing.

Typically our surveys will only be open for a few days, so it is important to try and complete a survey as soon as possible after receiving an invitation. However, if you get interrupted and need to stop during a survey, you can simply go back to the survey link in your email, and the survey will begin right where you left off.

To join our consumer panel you will be required to provide certain personally identifying information, and Brooks Adams Research will not share this information with third parties.

You agree to abide by the consumer panel rules as updated from time to time, and to any additional rules governing research projects.

The responsibility of understanding and comprehending the stipulated rules rests with you as the user.