Bryan Herrman

Senior Vice President, Insights & Strategy

Bryan lives at the intersection of research, data and strategy to help clients drive the most informed business and brand decisions possible. He brings 25+ of experience in research-driven strategic leadership in a broad variety of industries from retail to hospitality, financial services, sports and consumer packaged goods, while working with national brands like Citibank, Microsoft, Hallmark, Hershey, Anheuser-Busch, Best Western Hotels, NASCAR and PGA TOUR. Always one of the most curious people in the room, he loves to dig in to study how consumers practically engage with products, services and technology in order to help build brand experiences that best suit each unique customer journey – he proudly considers himself a natural-born “Brandthropologist.” We stopped short of putting that on his business card, but you’ll understand his enthusiasm for it when you meet him.

Articles From Bryan Herrman:

Sep 4, 2018

Trends in Religion and the Future Impact on Faith-Based Retirement Communities

By Bryan Herrman