Shawn Travalent

Vice President, Product Strategy

Shawn brings more than two decades of diverse corporate and consulting experience to GlynnDevins, helping Fortune 500 brands uncover strategic opportunities for growth. He’s had the honor of being on the front lines of innovation launching breakthrough products, brands and customer experiences for Starbucks, Pizza Hut, HERSHEY’S, H&R Block, Lee Jeans, North Face, Sprint and more. Throughout these moments, he has led teams in strategic innovation, product development, insights and design.

In his position as VP of Product Strategy at GlynnDevins, he is helping people navigate difficult decisions regarding where they will spend their later years. Designing better options for seniors represents a vital opportunity to discover some of the uniquely human truths that underline our actions. We all deserve to be heard and understood. This segment is no different and he takes pride in the work he is doing, by viewing it as paying respect to the consumer by making sure the products and offerings he is developing to insure a longer, healthier life are available to them.


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