Enhancing Brand Awareness Through Market Research

Lately, it seems like the only constant in marketing is change. New technologies, new strategies, new mediums — it can be hard to understand where and how to plug them into your marketing plan. One thing that hasn’t changed is the need to understand the value every marketing tactic provides. That’s why market research continues to play an essential role in any marketing strategy.

Are you taking steps to actively understand the impact and value your marketing provides?

Learn more about the essential role market research plays in giving you the insights you need to maximize every marketing dollar you spend.

Join Brooks Adams by GlynnDevins’ Connie Mattox, director of research, for this informative 30-minute webinar where you’ll learn more about:

  • Why market research is an essential component of any marketing campaign
  • Ways to improve your market share through pre- and post-campaign surveys
  • The importance of your net promoter score, and how it reflects your community’s presence in the market and through your customers’ eyes