How to Improve Sales Effectiveness

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Improve Sales Effectiveness with Lead Scoring

A senior living community’s lead base represents a significant investment of marketing resources over time. It’s an investment that should be cultivated and leveraged to its greatest potential to maximize return. An effective way to accomplish this is through the application of lead scoring.

GlynnDevins has developed a customized lead scoring program that continually ranks all leads in a database. This works by using key weighted attributes that characterize Lead Fit (financials, age, market area, lead source), Community Engagement (appointment history, event attendance, completed calls, re-inquiry), and Digital Behavior (webpage visits, email activity, video views, downloads).

Lead Scores are continually processed and then pushed directly into your community’s CRM. Your sales team can easily access this valuable information, allowing them to prioritize top-scoring leads, better understand all the leads in the pipeline, and actively nurture and guide these leads through the buyer’s journey using the right medium and messaging.

Learn more about lead scoring from our webinar, Rank Your Leads for Sales Prioritization, led by Sarah Dodge, director of sales enablement, here.