The Impact of Marketing Automation on Senior Living

The Impact of Marketing Automation for Senior Living

Five years ago, marketing automation in senior living was seen as an innovative technology. Many didn’t understand what it was and didn’t have a strategy in place for how to implement it for their community.

Fast-forward to today, and marketing automation has become a fundamental technology and powerful strategy that helps fuel personalized messaging for both marketing and sales.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation for senior living, at a high level, is software that provides our communities with deeper insight into their leads. Much of that data is housed directly within the CRM system. This can include information such as ages, financial situations and how engaged the individual is with sales.

When you connect marketing automation, you get a more robust profile on leads. You can learn what actions they’re taking on your website and how engaged they are with the content on the site, along with what they’re consuming. This results in a better understanding of what they’re interested in, concerns and anticipated needs. All that information is within the marketing automation platform.

Strategic Lead Nurturing

With marketing automation, the goal is to create strategic programs that target people based on where they are in the customer journey. Once those programs are in place, you can use the power of automation within the marketing automation software to literally deliver those messages automatically. This eliminates having to rely on a human to remember when they need to send out an email and what that email should be.

These lead nurturing programs are custom, based on people’s behaviors, and are sent out automatically at the right time.

The Future of Marketing Automation

The primary benefit of marketing automation is that it predicts and delivers personalized experiences along the customer journey by coupling that data with machine learning.

Why Work with GlynnDevins

GlynnDevins excels in both the art and strategy sides of marketing automation. We’ll take a deep dive into the behavioral data for your specific community and determine the correct messages that should be sent to your lead base by knowing their behaviors.

From there, we have a team of experts who are well versed in the marketing automation platform and can set up those programs to ensure they’re executed at the proper time. It’s about anticipating needs and providing assistive experiences along that all-important customer journey.

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