Navigating the Senior Living CRM Landscape

Not long ago, senior living providers had few choices when it came to CRMs, and even fewer options that were built taking into account senior living consumer touchpoints. But as you’ve probably noticed, both CRM technology and the behaviors of senior living consumers are changing. Is your community tracking all the online and offline prospect engagement today? In this webinar, we discuss the recent shake-up of CRM providers, the changing buying behaviors of seniors, how strong sales teams are capitalizing on these changes, and how you can lead your team through the successful selection and implementation of a new CRM.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How consumer research before initial contact with the community is changing the senior living buying cycle
  • Which trends in modern CRMs are most important to consider for the senior living industry
  • Why the best CRM for you depends as much on your team as it does on features or integrations