Webinar: The Secrets to Making Your Entire Brand Come Alive for an Optimal Workplace Culture

How truly living your brand can future-proof your position in the market.
In the first of this two-part webinar series, we shared a clear and honest look at the negative potentials of a neglected company culture and employer brand. Now, as a follow-up to that presentation, we’re diving into the ways you and your organization can bring all the elements of your brand to life to combat the pressing challenges of today’s senior living workplace.

GlynnDevins and Aspire, the leader in luxury hospitality training, both possess unique blends of knowledge and expertise. As partners, we’re perfectly suited to help create smart solutions across all facets of your senior living communities – from research-based brand development and sure-footed, strategic communication to culture-building programs designed to impact lasting change.

Join GlynnDevins’ Molly White, vice president of brand strategy, and Aspire EVP & chief disrupter JC Thompson for this 30-minute webinar, and learn more about how we can help your entire brand come alive through:

  • Defining and embracing your mission, vision, values
  • Activating those attributes within both internal and external communications
  • Creating alignment and engagement opportunities for employees at every level
  • Measuring success and understanding the real value of investing in your brand