R.E.D. Branding

Increased Competition in Senior Living

Increased competition is something that every community is facing.

No matter if you’re a new community, or if you’ve been around and established for more than 100 years, you face competition.

We work with communities on both ends of that spectrum. For communities that have been around a really long time, it might be dusting off that brand and making sure that it’s relevant in today’s market and changing consumer base.

Even those who are newer communities, it’s going to be increased competition coming in down the street and asking, “How do I tell my story? How does my community fit into that competitive positioning in the market?”

Research-Based Approach

Our approach to brand strategy development here at GlynnDevins is called “R.E.D. branding.”

R.E.D. branding, for those who may have a past in branding, will look very familiar to you. It’s rooted in textbook brand strategy development approaches. Everyone has a very similar way of going about it.

What we feel makes R.E.D. unique is our strength and depth of knowledge in senior living and experience helping communities bring that brand to life.

We believe in a research-based approach. Of course, we could get in a room and talk with executives and understand who the community is or who they want to be.

But we want to make sure that we’re involving a wide range of people.

There are a lot of stakeholders involved in any community organization, and we want to make sure that we’re giving people a voice and a chance to share their thoughts. So that at the end of the day, there is buy-in with the brand that’s created.

Streamlined Strategic Platform

Given that our process is a research-based approach, we gather a lot of insights and a lot of information. A key component of that is distilling the information down into a streamlined platform.

That is something you can distribute both internally at your community or to any people you work with, such as agency partners.

So at GlynnDevins, for example, our creative teams love it when we do R.E.D. branding. They partner with me on the process. We have a creative counterpart and a brand strategist who work together on creating this strategy. At the end, there is this seamless transition that happens and bringing that strategy alive into the creative work.

It’s a strategy they can refer to time and time again, so that the work they create is authentic and ties back to that strategy we all agree to.

Making Desired Perception Reality

We like to start from community leadership, community staff members and people who work with the residents every day. These include independent living residents, the people who chose that community as their home. Why did they choose it when we know they have so many other options?

We like to talk to leads too. So we go to external audiences and to understand what those real perceptions are that exist about your community. Who are they considering other than you? What is your competition? What do they think about the competition?

And we go out into that external market to really get a pulse on what people are thinking about your community, and make sure it matches up. If it doesn’t match up, what do you want your desired perception to be. We can help you create that and make it a reality.

Learn more about our approach to brand strategy by reading Molly White’s blog post, “Brand as a Competitive Advantage in Senior Living.”